Wimmera Funerals is a family owned Funeral Home situated in Horsham, Victoria, Australia, the capital of "The Wimmera", a predominantly wheat farming area in the west of Victoria. IMG_0133

Wimmera Funerals is owned and operated by Trevor Bysouth and his family, who established the business in 1989.

Wimmera Funerals is a member of the
Australian Funeral Director's Association, Australia's largest industry association.

The Purpose of this Web Site
Death is something that happens to us all — no matter to what race, creed or station in life we belong. Death is a reality of life that many of us may find hard to accept or to come to terms with.

This site has been produced as a service to those who wish to learn more about what is required at the time of a death and of the decisions that need to be made.

We want you to be able to refer to this site for information on the decisions that need to be made when someone dies and what preparations you can make now to ease the burden on those who survive you.

We suggest that after reading this information, you complete the Personal Information Profile section, print it out and keep it in a place known to your family.
We would also encourage you to discuss
the subject of death with your family, and your wishes for your own arrangements, and allow them to help you in making decisions.

If you do require further information or any questions answered, please contact us at any time. 


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