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Can you Plan ahead?

Yes, you can. The information on this site has shown you that funerals can be an emotional time for those who survive you, and sometimes a financial burden.

Your funeral director can discuss with you the options available in pre-arranging or pre-paying your funeral.


Pre-arranging your funeral

A pre-arranged funeral allows you to set out your wishes regarding your funeral. You can discuss your wishes in detail, making a record for future reference. You can then be secure in the knowledge that you have left clear instructions to ease the burden on those left behind.

Your family and friends will not have the stress of trying to guess what you may have wanted, and the sometimes difficult task of making decisions during an emotional time.


Pre-paying your funeral

While pre-arranging your funeral ensures your wishes can be carried out, pre-payment can relieve the financial burden on your family.

With a Pre-paid Funeral Plan, you are offered a guaranteed price, meaning that regardless of when the funeral takes place, there will be nothing more to pay for the funeral services specified —ever.

Your money is invested with a government approved financial institution (not the funeral director). The funeral director is paid only after he conducts the funeral.

Also, the money you pay into the plan will not affect your pension as it is exempt from extended deeming and income or assets testing.

Overall, pre-arrangement and pre-payment is a simple process. The funeral is arranged in detail at a time not clouded by emotion.

This will ease the emotional concerns and financial worries on those left to make arrangements.

Planning ahead can mean peace of mind for both you and your family.